Who’s Forward Funding?

We’re a Fintech company thats offers loans and advances. Our focus is to help small and medium sized Canadian businesses get approved for Financing. We’re fast, efficient and 100% transparent.

Why Forward Funding?

Our 3 financing solutions raise our approval rate to the highest in the industry. We guarantee you the highest financing amount and best terms or we’ll give you a $200 gift card of your choice. That’s how confident we are!

What programs are available to you?

We have 3 solutions for your business financing needs: A merchant cash advance, a term loan and a Forward Solution.
Our programs page will give you more details on them.

What can the funds be used for?

Typically the funds can be used for business improvements like renovations, new equipment purchase, inventory purchase but there’s no restrictions.

How do I apply with Forward Funding?

You can do any of the options below:
Online: Application
Email: funds@forwardfunding.ca
phone: 1-844-297-2274
It’s easy and simple.

What do I need in order to apply?

We’re making the process as simple as possible for you. We need a few bank statements to give you the highest offer possible and our online questionnaire to be completed.

What is the cost?

We guaranty the best cost in the industry! We are so confident about it that we will give you a $200 gift card of your choice if we can’t beat the competition.


If any of your questions weren’t answered here, we want to hear from you by email at support@forwardfunding.ca or by phone at 1-844-297-2274.

Interested in funding?

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